All of us go through day to day while trying to survive under various circumstances in corrupted situations. Living in poverty is a war within itself, especially when it comes to living in a multi culture community.

         Intimidation and peer pressure can become exhausting when it becomes a way of life. So in a community gripped by poverty and drugs, the younger generation glorify the older generation for illegal hustling and drug sales.

         With the community dabbling in various hustles, Captain Newman has the last say as to who did what in his jurisdiction. While the police of the community are meant to serve and protect, Captain Newman and his police team instead inspire fear and intimidate. 

         So as Captain Newman involves himself in extortion and other illegal technicalities it wasn't long before he comes under investigation. Now that the feds closing in, Captain Newman exerts his grip harder while the community struggles to breathe, who will prevail in this war on us?


The War on Us

An Urban Fictional Novel by Black Barbie