We all go through life trying to survive under various circumstances, due to corrupted situations. Living in poverty is a war within itself when it comes to living in a multi-culture community.

Intimidation and peer pressure can become exhausting when it becomes accustomed to our way of living. In a community that's gripped by poverty and drugs, the younger generation will soon glorify the older generation for their illegal hustling, and for the flamboyant way that the older generation flaunts their illicit living.

With a community dabbling in various types of illegal activity, Captain Newman had always had the last say as to who did what within his jurisdiction.

The police of the community were hired by the community, to protect and serve the community. However, Captain Newman had trained his police team to taunt and intimidate the city that he was patrolling.

Betrayal can truly become the epitome of any friendship and it can also become the failure of someone's trust if one person allows another person with an opportunity to step in and try to divide them.

Money and greed will always become part of any conclusion or it can be the reason for a person to defuse a battle and reconcile their friendship, along with a few of the other sustainable differences.

After being alone in prison for more than ten years, Cherry had grown to understand herself, along with an opportunity to redefine herself and understand the true definition of friendship. Desperate to have another chance at freedom, Cherry had thought about switching over and working with the feds.

No matter what we go through in life, some of us will never truly understand, or ever come to learn the definition of living. Mali was arrogant, conceited, and all of the above. Mali was only into himself, and he was his main and only focus and concern. Without a care in the world Mali was living life, and he was living his life Scott free and without the woman that he had once considered as his wife.

Once we can regain our focus on ourselves, we can then come to learn that life comes with an abundance of opportunities. Living your dream will always seem as if it's extremely far, however, Shay had shown her entire community that dreaming is believing if you push yourself hard enough into whatever it is that you had chosen to do. Not only did Shay now have the money, but she also had the power and the respect that had come along with her new opportunity.

Loving the right man will always be for the right woman's worth to secrete her intellectual wealth. A woman can love a man for support, and a woman can love her man for his financial stability. A man that comes along with the values of life's lavish comforts of living in luxury along with unlimited access to his wealth and security will always be eye-catching and looked upon by other women as her personal prize trophy. A woman's true love for a man will always be forbidden because of the pain that she hides deep from within her heart.

Any man from a woman's past can leave her with a cold and empty black heart that would eventually lead to the downfall of her new man's future once he notices that hurt woman's heart. Whether a woman was hurt in the past by her father, uncle, son, or brother a woman will never be able to give a man all of her true love and comfort.

Get to know Stephanie, Shay, Mali, and Cherry. Friends will become enemy's, and new friends will introduce you to better ways of living. Skeemin and scamming are the only way of life if you choose to live extravagantly and outside of your normal living means. Men use women, and women use men, you can assume that someone has love and commitment for you. However, they will leave you at your best and their worst no matter how long of the engagement or place of the event. Stray far from love because in the end love will always turn its back on you leaving you with no one to then turn to.

Love could mean an abundance of different things for you and me. For me, love had meant dedicating my life to my husband, it had meant belittling myself as a woman.

I had thought that I had my life figured out, instead life had figured out itself for me. My name is Sassy, and I had to learn about love the hard way. I hadn't acknowledged anything while I was living, besides the love that I had held for my husband.

My spirits had begun to fill uplifting, as my life had started to change. Here I am, telling anyone who's willing to listen, all about my past, present, future and most importantly my husband James.

Motivating one another could be hard, and inspiring someone else could be a resistance. Inspire 2B Inspired, is a motivational novel that allows you to understand yourself, and it allows you to never place the blame upon someone else for something in the past, or for anything that you could have prevented yourself.

Think positive, with Motivational thoughts, while filling yourself with Knowledge, and Acceptance. Once you've become aware of Knowing what's best for you, you'll become Grateful once you've Inspired yourself.

Think outside of the way that you regularly think, think openly; while never seeming weak. Think for yourself, and love what you've learned from your past, embarrass what you've become, and understand why things are as they may be.

Make it your personal goal to think with positivity, understand that life is a gift, and understand that each day is present with optimistic things in acceptance. Remove yourself from all negativity, and understand that negativity is a disease, for people that pray for positive thinking.

Understand that life is precious, and understand that you only get one chance to live. Think for yourself, while becoming open-minded, and understanding of other's acceptance.

Welcome to Richmond, where the trust is slim and the hate and envy are thick and constant. Richmond, California, better known as Gotham City throughout the Bay Area. Home of the distant and distracted, territory of the jealous, envious, and greedy. What's considered normal to someone living in an abnormal city.

With every Field General itching for a chance to be first in command.  Who could you turn to, and who could you trust when everyone that you live amongst was neither a true friend nor fan,  With gossip going back and forth with various twists and tangles, anything could happen when you've communicated with someone unfaithful

Seeing that Taj and Ayseana had been raised close together as sisters, things between the two of them rapidly changed once Amina was introduced. Not only had Ayseana been the jealous type when growing up, but she'd also been dominant and demanding.

With Dena and Dawn later joining the friendship, Dena had always seemed to be the one to take charge and keep the five women's friendship glued. However, with Dena keeping up with so much throughout her personal life, it would only be a matter of time before their bonded friendship no longer stuck together tight like glue.

Get to know Taj, Dena, Amina, Ayseana, and Dawn. Five girls that's grown together to become very different women. With different opinions and personal feelings towards their friendship, trust, loyalty, and bond


Back in the day, Pimping and Hoeing were somewhat for the elite and degraded by society. There were morals, respect, goals, visions, and dreams to abide by.

Prostitution has changed, especially when feelings and emotions are a part of the game.

Fast forward to the future of this day and age, the young pimps would rather wear Jordans and Dunks instead of Snake skins and Gators. Today's pimps are different from the Brothel days; they are no longer respected by anyone throughout the game, especially since many hoes would rather be a renegade and guide themselves, amongst other things, throughout the game.

Nina Dollas was a Hoe of the future, an elite hoe for today's society. Despise her disrespecting the game in more than one way, Nina Dollas thought she had it all figured out, especially once she met a

Pimp named King.

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